Prenatal massage treatments in Mackay

A gift for baby and you - try a prenatal massage today

At Paxtons Natural Therapies Clinic in Mackay, one of our specialist treatments is the pregnancy massage, a prenatal massage we offer as a relaxing and stress-alleviating tool for both mum and bub throughout pregnancy. The table set up is different and we use wedge pillows and extra padding to make you as comfortable as possible while ensuring your baby's safety.

The types of prenatal massage services we offer even extends to partner training lessons. All our services address the stress of labour, of carrying and caring for a newborn and they aims to restore the body to its pre-pregnant condition.

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Some benefits of prenatal massage

Pre-natal massage conducted on a back in Mackay
  • Reduces tension, stress, and anxiety.
  • Supports a healthy in utero environment.
  • Decreases chronic muscle tension, restores postural balance, normalises joint range of motion.
  • Speeds up venous and lymph circulation, brings nutrients to tissues and eliminates waste products, normalises blood pressure.
  • Fosters deeper breathing, enhances internal respiration.
  • Minimises nausea, stimulates peristaltic activity.
  • Elevates mood, encourages loving maternal care.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Treats the common discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Prepare the woman physically, emotionally and mentally for labour.
  • Prenatal massage practitioners can employ other useful adjunctive tools and skills to help their pregnant clientele.

Educational materials, a nonjudgmental environment, exercise suggestions and dietary tips – those within the scope of practice – can provide a more holistic approach to the therapist’s nurturing hands-on care.

Partner training lessons

Woman getting pre-natal massage in Mackay

Lesson one – Connection to Baby

This lesson is short 10 to 15 minutes and is usually done after the expectant mother has had a massage. The purpose of this lesson is to give the partner insight into baby’s world and the connection that is already being established between them.

Lesson two – Practice in Preparation for Labour

This lesson is a little longer and is usually done in conjunction with a prenatal massage. So come
with your expectant mother to her appointment. The aim of this lesson is to get you both in the same headspace (so to speak). You will be given a breathing technique, and some visualisations to practice. Also an understanding of the labouring mind, and a list of things you may not have thought about. eg. After delivery the partner often helps the new mother with a shower. This can leave them wet, in an air conditioned building. (Partner, take a change of cloths.)

Lesson three – Labour Techniques

This lesson is usually done at about 38 weeks and is appointment all of its own. In this lesson you will learn different massage techniques along with when and how to use them.

Indulge yourself, or a friend

Happy woman after receiving Pre-natal massage treatments
Some benefits of postpartum massage
  • Supports recovery from labour
  • Rebalances the body
  • Promotes relaxation and relieve anxiety having a positive effect to ease postpartum blues
  • Promotes healthy bonding of mother and baby
  • Minimises subcutaneous scaring after caesarean
  • Relieves tension from breast-feeding

The postpartum recovery period is generally six week, however for some woman the metabolic and hormonal changes may take much longer. The mother needs to retrace the clock nine months and rebalance the physiological, emotional and structural changes her body has undergone. In some cultures woman receive daily massage for weeks to assist postnatal recovery.